Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 2-28-11

Hello hello! I didn´t eat any strange food this week. Just absolutely
delicious food. I love the avocado here, there are tons of trees and I eat
them all the time. There are a lot of areas we have to stay away from. a lot
a lot. And some we can go to during the day and not at night. We are pretty
careful. I thought I was going to have to fight the other night walking back
to the house. There were about six of them but nothing really happened. So
no worries there mamma!!! I am safe. We have to be in by 9 just like other
Companion study...... Well in my opinion it´s super boring hahaha That might
sound messed up but practicing lessons and stuff I just don´t like it that
much but we do it every day. My companion is the bomb. Did I tell you he
speaks English?? Yes he failed to mention this to me for my first two weeks
when I couldn´t talk to him hahahaha. He has lots of other sons in the
mission. Oh and he isn´t 25 he is 27. wow really old. He is the same age as
our bishop hahaha. It´s pretty sick.
Tomorrow We´ll be getting mail because the zone leaders went to Cali this
week so I am happy about that. pretty excited. Over all I like mail hahaha.
I am excited to get a new mission president. it should be cool. Yes meet him
mom. And make sure you tell him that we want to play soccer on p day not go
to museums!!!!!!!!! haha So this week was great. Andrea (I think I mentioned
her is awesome) She has almost read the whole book of Mormon and is getting
baptized the 5th of march. but she is trying to find another house to live
so we don´t know for sure if we´ll baptize her or what. We can´t teach her
in her old house anymore. The guy that lives there is a Nazi Skin Head.
Scared me the first time I saw him. Big old Swastika tattoo. I do not know
how to spell either of those words. haha but he told us to never go back
Our ward is really excited with new members. They are giving us more
references and bringing more inv. to church. Daniel, I found out was the
first Man to be baptized in this ward in years. so they are really happy! I
love you all. All is well. Oh and this city loves soccer it´s crazy. When
Medellin is playing no one does anything, just drink and watch the game.
Church is just unimportant at that point. haha Oh Daniel Hunter Lalli had a
birthday. He´s getting close to leaving. that is so sick. North Carolina!!!.

Love Elder Belnap.

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