Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter 04-04-11

Okay mother,

My companion has two more transfers then he is going home. I couldn´t watch the MTC special they played something else I think. No news on the package but I do get mail about once a month (a truly glorious day). The food was great this week we ate in the street with our buddies from our zone. It was so fun. We laughed and it was a good time. Spanish is coming. I would say the hardest is the phone. People talk faster and slur on the phone and it is hard for me. My companion yells at me when I can´t understand the people on the phone and he has to talk hahaha but it will all come.
I don´t know if I answered all your questions but I want to use my time to share my experience from this weekend.

Before conference I had a feeling that it was going to be difficult watching conference without you all and without going to priesthood with dad. It was true it was difficult but it was the best weekend spiritually of my life. When we stood to sing Redeemer of Israel as a Priesthood, I couldn´t help but recognize the overpowering presence of the Holy Ghost. It was six months ago to the night that Grandma Elen passed away. Singing that song, standing with the priesthood, I felt her. I felt my brother Bubba on the other side of the veil and my brother Og on this side of the veil. I thought about dad standing and singing that and the spirit was felt in great abundance. We are sealed together as an eternal family, bound through the priesthood never to be separated. I serve, dad serves, mom serves, Bubba serves. We are an Eternal Family. That is why I am here to bring the way that families can be eternal.
We  had investigators in the Sunday morning session and it was such a different experience, watching in Spanish in the church. But, it was magnificent to see the spirit testify to our investigators of the truthfulness. They loved the feelings they had at church and want to come again so they can have that with them all the time. I would say D Todd Christofferson and David Burtons talks will stick with me the most. Oh and Deiter F. Uchtdorf in priesthood was incredible.
It was hard to be away from you this weekend but I was with you and you were with me.

I love you all so much.
Love Elder Belnap
P.s. I ate McDonald’s this week. Wasn´t the same but the fries were pretty close hahaha

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  1. Great job on this Erica! Love the pictures. thanks!