Friday, April 1, 2011

Arrival in Colombia 1-14-11

Hello family and friends! I am in Colombia haha pretty wild stuff!! I´m so excited about the mission calls this week Preston and my boy mikey T so sick!!! Paraguay is dope I have friends from the MTC there. Mikey T  wow I never would have guessed bro. You are the man I love you.
So my first week was way sick! We had a baptism Maria Camilla she is 9 years old!!! but she is powerful. Very powerful, the baptism was great! we also have a baptism this Saturday with my home boy Jamie let me give you some background on Jamie. He is 80 years old like super old, he works out in the streets all day (doing who knows what haha) but he is so excited to be baptized. He wants me to do it! So next Saturday I’ll be baptizing jamie. So excited!!! oh oh and he has a hernia... not funny at all but kind of he likes to show people and it is the size of a soft ball it is so nasty haha. We taught a lot of lessons and I feel the hard work in the MTC paying off. I can understand almost everything, which is such a blessing from the lord. I can´t say everything I want to but I’ll get better. My companion is elder Miranda from Barranquilla??? He is so sick. He´s a convert of three years and he is 25. He is a powerful missionary and we are learning a lot from each other. I am in Medellin, Belen. Oh my goodness it is the best. 70-80 degrees a little bit of wind. Best weather in the mission, the people aren´t as poor as other areas. But, it is huge like our area is so big we have to take bus all the time so it´s a little expensive. Tons of people and the driving here is the scariest experience. They do about 60 passing people in the bus while texting and changing money. Seriously it is wild. One thing is there are so many women..... the city of Medellin is 70% women  and 30% men... and they are beautiful. We avoid them like the plague, we call them snakes haha the 14 year olds look like they´re 20 it´s a scary scary place with the women haha. Our house is nice it´s small but pretty nice. Did I tell you they lost my bag in Bogotá???? ya no bueno but maybe it´ll turn up? best way to send letters is dear elder and to the mission home. Pouch is not the way to go here. Put stickers of mother mary and photos on packages and I should get them. I´m surprised no one asked me about the food haha. It is so different then what I thought.
It´s not Mexican food at all I don´t even really no how to describe it. And they eat so much I cant´handle it haha and juice. Every house we go in, member, investigator, Mormon hater, it doesn´t matter they give us juice. haha Oh and they said don´t drink the water here just like other south American countries... but, there isn´t really anything you can do so I just drink it. haha funny funny stuff. make sure Preston looks up elder Thomson in Paraguay he´s tight. Man the weather is nice the people are accepting and we are going to baptize like crazy ( I hope) Oh and church here was wild... I have to give a talk next week I am kind of nervous. Love you all. Learn Spanish Preston Kelon Tyler. you will be so happy you did. Mom Maria loves her ring and she wears it every day, I made her promise to read and pray every day if she wanted to wear it. If I remember anything I will write it next week.

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