Friday, April 1, 2011

.Letter 2-7-11

Hello everyone!
Yes mom I know Elder Peek he is in my zone. I like him a lot. He is a good man and really has been looking after me. haha  (Elder Peek’s mother is on the missionary moms email list with me) Didn´t meet any of Kathy’s friends. I get like 180 dollars a month so they say I usually always have enough. I don´t get hungry really during the day. The lunch is so so huge that I´m not hungry until about six so all is well on the food front. I don´t need more pictures of Christ, and right now I don´t know if I need more CTR rings. I will be giving the hymn books a way this week to Magerli and Daniel cause they are being baptized on Saturday.!!! I gave the present to the president they seemed pleased. Unfortunately I have to do my own laundry bucket and soap and a little scrubber I honestly hate it. haha I am taking pictures and will send them but, I forget my camera this week and will send more next week. We don’t ever carry our cameras cause if we got robbed it would be bad. The landscape is mountains and hills and also part in the valley. It´s beautiful here. Especially in the mornings. I love it But walking in the hills when it´s the hot part of the day is not fun haha.
So it´s been a good week!! We have two baptisms and they both are really powerful, Daniel bore his testimony this week in church. He is 19 and wants to serve a mission! Magerli is doing well but, her family is having a really hard time. They are really poor and her mom Claudia lost her job cause she´s been at the hospital for almost 3 weeks with Maria Kamila. That isn´t all... Kayla her 17 year old daughter(not a member but we are teaching her) she is pregnant and this week she drank a container of medicine to try to kill herself... so she is in the hospital also, same hospital as Maria Kamila. So sad for me, I feel so bad for Claudia the mother. We fasted for them, for dad, and for our investigators to come to church and progress. It is kind of hard to fast as a missionary, so thirsty!! haha. one thing that I miss about home so much, I absolutely hate showering here. The water is ice cold!!! you know I hate cold water!!! Every morning I wake up and I dread it, I dread having to take a shower. It is horrible. I am assuming it´s the same in Paraguay Kayo is going to hate it. hahahaha. Oh and happy birthday to Jacqueline. Happy birthday Jack!!! We taught a lesson with AndrĂ©a last night and it was my most powerful yet. She says she is feeling something she has never felt before as we talk and as she reads the book of Mormon. it is the spirit, the spirit speaks through feelings of peace and love. The book of Mormon has the power to change people’s lives. It changed my dad’s life. It changed mine. I love you all. Have an excellent week.
Elder Benjamin Belnap
Freaking packers... I´ll take them seriously when Aaron Rogers stops wearing a kickers helmet.

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