Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ben's first area Medellin Colombia

Looking over the city of medellin... His first area.

Having a little lunch with some of the Elders

This is Ben's first area. Medellin Colombia! His trainer and Companion (first comepanion) Elder Miranda. He is a Colombia native. Ben is no longer in Medellin. He is in Chinchina now.

This is a very sweet video. This is the Primary children singing. ( We are not sure of the song)

He was so EXCITED to get some letters from home!

His Kitchen

The closet/storage space for him and his companion

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  1. I'm humming that song now, dont know what it is called either, but Laura does, I know part of it goes, "May I always list-en, to the still small voice...Next verse-And when I am confirmed be sacred pr power, it or he testifies of God and Chirst and duh duh duh duh duh. Maybe it's the Still Small Voice?? Wasn't this helpful? :)
    loved all of the pics.