Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 3-28-11

Well mother,
Things are great here in Medellin. My companion is from Barranquilla. His family is not too involved in his mission process. His sister is the only active member. There are 3 Americans here. 40 natives in Medellin and 3 gringos haha. I got the letters this week it was so fun mom!!! I loved opening them and reading about all my friends. I got a letter from grandma and from Og and Jackee. Tell James that I got his letter too. I love James Taylor. I will let you know when I get the package I am so excited for it.
So this week was really good and so so fast. The best experience was a lesson with Olga and Isabel. They say they are my mom’s haha. They are about 70 and they are best friends. Isabel is really Catholic but said she would pray to know if she should be baptized. She believes in the Book of Mormon but like I said she has a lot of tradition in the Catholic church. She prayed and had a dream, In her dream she saw herself and elder Miranda and I in a pool of water. She saw me baptizing her and the water turned to dirty mud. She was crying when she told us this story. She accepted a baptismal date for the 16th of April and she understands the importance of being washed clean through baptism. AWESOME!!!!! So so sweet.
The worst Experience... We were eating lunch with a member in the street because he doesn’t like to feed us in his house. And we saw an accident, 2 motorcycles and a truck. One guy was fine and the guy in the truck was fine. But, this is a very busy road and they were going fast one of the other guys tried to avoid the truck and went over the curb. He went over the bars and his body and head smashed into a cement block holding a light post. It was a very dramatic experience and it took me a couple hours to recover mentally from it. I don’t know if he lived or died. I don´t really want to know.
So on a different note. I am excited for conference haha I hope that it´s good on the mission. Unfortunately it will all be in Spanish. haha. Mom I talked to Kathy Erickson’s friend. It was awesome. I will be sending a little box with her cause she is coming to Utah next month!!!
I love you all very much hope all is well. Someone told me this week that Pablo Escobar was the richest man in the world in his day. Can you let me know if that is true.
Again I can´t send photos but I am sending my memory card with Kathy’s friend.
Love, Elder Benjamin Belnap

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