Tuesday, October 11, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello everyone!William’s baptism will be on Friday because his grandma has been in the hospital. So we felt good about putting it for this week. We will know about transfers tonight. I could be gone as early as tomorrow. Mom I am sending my broken camera and also a memory card with elder Crompton. He lives in Logan. His homecoming will be on the 11 of September. He will call you next week so you can get in touch with him. My companion gets homesick when his favorite soccer team is playing but that is about it now ha-ha-ha. No package yet. We will see. For the shirt it would be a large. ya I think a large.This week has been great. The Lord has placed many new people in our path. We are teaching Luz who we found in the street. She was truly prepared by the lord. She will be baptized in September but first she needs to have an interview with the mission president. William is awesome. Today we were with him. Also the president gave Mamani permission to come to Chinchina for the afternoon. It was cool to be with him again and to see all of our converts we had together. I don’t know what the lord has in store for me but I have loved Chinchina. If I am transferred I will leave a lot of things behind. But, the lord knows I gave it my all here and did all that I could to help other people. I have grown a lot and passed through every type of experience. I am always reminded of the deep love of the lord. He is our light. We represent him. Every day I strive more to be like him and every day I realize how short I come. I am trying to be like Jesus. I love you all family. Until next week after our baptism, enjoy some photos.
With much love Elder Belnap. I am happy to see Preston got to Paraguay and I loved the picture of all the boys from Bountiful in the MTC. The MTC was great. But I thank heaven I am not there anymore ha-ha. The pictures were going too slow I couldn´t wait ha-ha.

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