Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 21, 2011

Good News: He got my package and it didn’t cost him but there is still a package out there somewhere which has not arrived.
I got your package mom. It was great. However you sent the package was great because it got here quick and didn´t cost me anything to get it. i think the best way is through the postal service. Not a private company. Maybe i would like a hymn book in english?? Jackee sent me the other one. It was awesome.These are the questions about: conference, the streets and marriage
I hope that we  can listen to it here in Chinchina but we might have to go to the city. That is not what we want. It would be nearly impossible for our invest. To go and see it if it really is in the city. Almost all the streets here are paved. Couples getting married. that is the eternal battle. The family system is so messed up here. The men almost always have more then one girl and the women just want to have someone so they dont really care. It is a hard thing. We are always trying to help people get married and baptized. It is really difficult.
We had leadership training in pereira. It was a really great day. We learned a lot of things. However, the most impactful moment for me was not in the training. It was at lunch when i had about an hour talk with the assistent. He is a gringo. He is from mantua. I think that is how you spell it. He does speak the language great. i know him and the things he has done in the mission. So i asked him, Elder how do you do it? He explained some great things to me that i have taken to heart. He said, my whole life i had to fight and work. I always had a job and helped my dad out on the farm. He said, there is no substitute for hard work. He tripled the baptism in the zone of medellin in one month. only because he believed and worked harder then you have ever seen a missionary work. It hit me hard. I realized that i was not giving it my all. That maybe i was giving 95 but i wasn´t running at maximum power. Now that has changed. We worked so hard this past week. My companion was dying but it felt so good to get to the house at night after teaching so many lessons and finding new people. I love the work and i am leaving it all on the court in chinchina. This could be my last week here, and if so i want the lord to know that i couldn´t have done more here.
We played soccer with some members and invest. I rolled my ankle pretty bad. I guess it is all part of the process. And yes i did have my ankle brace on. Enjoy the photos. The missionary is the assistent, Elder Farr.
I love you all, I love conference on the mission. Elder belnap

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