Tuesday, October 11, 2011

August 30, 2011

Hello,To answer your questions I was not transferred and I am still here with my son elder Jara. I haven´t seen a package or mail in quite some time. Ya, mom a large jersey of the US soccer team. And peanut butter please.I do not remember what the daughters name is.This week was good. I brought my camera to send some sick pictures but I forgot the chord so it looks like another week without pictures. The whole town has been without water for 2 days now. We will see what we will do. They had some accident and it won’t be back for 3 days. We don’t know what to do quite yet but  we will figure it out.Today was awesome, we went fishing with our ward mission leader. But not normal fishing we went with bamboo and a net. I felt like Peter fishing haha. We laughed a lot and I thought of my brothers and my dad. I learned a lot fly fishing. I think fly fishing should be a part of mission prep and hauling hay. It is obvious that my companion has never done something hard in his life. Physical labor about kills him  haha.I got a letter from my first companion today which was cool. I always thought about my Grandma Myrne and how much I love her and how much her strength has helped me to be a better missionary. We are happy and I am very happy I wasn´t transferred. God bless you all. Benny B.(I asked him if he caught anything)  We did it all we chucked the net we did some other things. It was fun. Dad would have laughed hard. but it was great to be on the river. We aren´t going to eat them no haha.I asked him if we was going to bathe in the river since they don’t have water) Of course I wanted to bathe in the river but I didn´t know if as a missionary that would be a good idea. haha. Water to drink if we buy it.

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