Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

My new city is Palmira. It is real close to Cali and it is hot. But I still don’t like to shower with cold water. Nothing about the package. I will call the office today. My companion is from Ecuador he is 24 and his mom and sisters are members but his dad isn´t. He is a convert. I do like working with converts, they have such powerful witnesses of the gospel. We go to cali every month for Zone leader Council. We have some investigators that they left us. The problem is is that the left the area without any baptismal dates so for two weeks we wont see baptisms. We are finding with the members and i have organized a couple of activities that will be really great.
It has been a good first few days here in Palmira. We are trying to get to know the area a little more and to win the confidence of the members. It is awesome here because it is a whole different culture and a very different people. There is a basketball court right outside the door of the house. I´ll tell you it has been excellent playing ball every morning. All the young men play every morning at 6 30 with the missionaries... stop it... I have loved it. The branch here is doing okay. We don’t have a chapel so everyone has to travel far to get to church in another area. That is hard but it will be okay.
I am stoked about the zone. We have so many goals and what we are going to do to get them done. In November Palmira will be the best zone of the mission..
All is well. I had an extremely powerful experience in a baptismal interview I did this week. It was great. We have sisters here in the zone. It will be the first time I have had sisters in my same zone. We will see how that goes. We have zone conference on Wednesday. So stoked. Love you all. Elder Belnap

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