Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 1, 2011

I am feeling much better. What caused the sickness... Interesting question. Not sure??? Yes my companion was sick but he didnt take medicine so he was sick longer then i was. I will send my camera card this way i believe, I will give it to elder crompton. In cali he will give it to elder knight that lives in bountiful. Elder Knight will give it to you. You will have to find out the day of his home coming so you can go to it. Yes we had invest. in the church this week. But, not tons... Because right now they are all converts, BIG BABY!!!  haha Most of the time well i have eaten rice everyday for 9 months and some times meat always some sort of salad.  Banana fruit all that good stuff.(Again, these are the answers to my questions first)
This week was great, We played soccer with william an investigator on saturday and invited him to the baptism that night. He came and felt the spirit. Now he has friends in the church and we put a baptismal date for 20 august. He will be baptized for sure. We did some service last night. My companion learned how to help a family move. HAha I dont think he has done hard labor in his life haha. Carrying the couches in the middle of the street to another house really freaked him out haha. It was great to serve, I like to do physical labor because we never do. So that was good stuff. Today we are having a bbq in the river. We will have some inv. some less active members and the missionaries from our district. It will be awesome.
Also Adiela was baptized on saturday, She changed so much to be baptized. We really felt the spirit in the baptism. It was very special. We are happy here in Chinchina. I love you all. It has been so cool with the under 20 world cup here. It  is all over the place. Parties and fireworks it is really cool.
I will be expecting an email from James Collier this week. You tell him that.
KO can’t write me: sad
Love you all, Elder Belnap

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